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How do Dental Bridges Work?

Many people ask how a dental bridge should fit. Bridges fill in the gap left by a tooth or multiple missing teeth by securing a false tooth to surrounding teeth or implants. The false tooth provides a "bridge" between your healthy teeth. In return, the surrounding teeth offer strength and support to the bridge.

Dental bridges have an impressive range of applications. Missing teeth can lead to several problems, including leaving many unhappy with their look.

  • Traditional include one or more artificial teeth cemented to both adjacent teeth through crowns.

  • Implant-supported are traditional bridges, strengthened by implants instead of being attached to natural teeth.

What's the Cost? 

The average cost in the United States for Traditional and Implant-Supported Bridges is  $1,400 to $16,000. In Colombia, the procedure is 30-50% less.   

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