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Top Five Misconceptions about Colombia

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

  1. Colombia is not just a dangerous country: Colombia has had a reputation for being a difficult place to visit due to its history of drug trafficking and violence. However, in recent years, Colombia has made significant strides in reducing crime and violence, and many areas of the country are now considered safe to visit. Any country and city in the world have dangerous areas. However, just like anywhere else, Colombia also has safe and tourist-friendly regions.

  2. Colombia is not just a developing country: While poverty is still a significant problem in Colombia, the country has experienced steady economic growth in recent years and is home to a growing middle class. Additionally, Colombia is rich in natural resources and has a diverse economy that includes agriculture, manufacturing, and tourism.

  3. Colombia is not just a Spanish-speaking country: While Spanish is the official language of Colombia, there are also many indigenous languages spoken in the country, including Wayuu, Kuna, and Embera.

  4. Colombia is not just about salsa and coffee: While Colombia is famous for its coffee and salsa music, the country has a rich cultural heritage that includes a diverse mix of indigenous, Afro-Colombian, and Spanish influences. From colonial architecture to modern art, there is something for everyone to discover in Colombia.

  5. Colombia is not just a country of the past: Despite its rich history, Colombia is a country that is very much alive and changing. With a youthful population, a growing economy, and a vibrant cultural scene, Colombia is a country that is full of possibilities for the future.

Colombia is best known for its diverse culture, natural beauty, and friendly people. Colombia's best-known things are its Coffee, Salsa, and soccer and its biodiversity, including the famous Amazon Rainforest, The Andes, and the Caribbean and Pacific coastlines. Colombia is also home to the world's largest number of bird species, making it a paradise for birdwatchers.

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Watch teh video below to get a virtual Colombia tour!

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