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How is Rhinoplasty Performed?

The rhinoplasty procedure takes between one and three hours and is performed under general anesthesia. After the operation, the patient needs to rest for about ten days. After the recovery phase, the person can return to his routine life. The full recovery process and final result of the nose job is about one year.

Open Rhinoplasty: Open Rhinoplasty is the most standard method. In this type of surgery, the skin on the nose is removed, and the bone and cartilage inside are reshaped. 

Closed Rhinoplasty: The closed nose job method is less comprehensive than the open rhinoplasty technique. In this method, all incisions are made inside the nostrils.


The incisions to be applied for nose surgery can be made internally or externally, depending on the situation. Especially in the open surgery technique, incisions are made from outside the nose; In the closed surgery technique, these incisions are made outside the nose.

The nose's position and the cartilage's reshaping are determined according to the patient's needs and the surgeon's decision. Finally, the skin on the upper part of the nose is fixed again according to the nose's new shape.

What is the Post-Op Process like? 

  • After the surgery, you should use the medications given by your doctor regularly.

  • After the procedure, you should use the face and jowl corset given by your doctor for 2 weeks.

  • The sutures used in the surgery are self-dissolving sutures. Therefore, you do not need to have your stitches removed during your healing process.

  • It may take a few months for the swelling and bruises that may occur after the operation to go down completely.

  • You should not bend your head after the operation. It is very important to keep the head above the level of the heart while sleeping or sitting.

  • Smoking, alcohol, and salt consumption should be stopped for 2 weeks.

  • Hard and heavy blows should be avoided for about 1 year.

  • You can swim in the pool and sea 1 month after the operation.

  • After a rhinoplasty operation, nasal edema resolves within an average of 6 months.

How Much Does it Cost?

The average cost for a nose job surgery in the United States, varies between $6,980 to $11,550. In Colombia, the procedure is 30-50% less. My Body by Design offers packages that include the procedure and accommodations. 

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